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Dead Sprint is an intense, fast, action/horror board game for 2-5 players where everyone is constantly being pursued by a horde of the undead throughout the game. Players will utilize items to help them along the way including: first aid kits to survive attacks, weapons to improve their attacks and action cards they can draw that changes up the strategy for every player.

The unstoppable horde gets their own turn after every player has taken theirs, and they will consume any undead left behind to catch up quickly!

The game features special types of undead, like the tough as nails Brute and the ready to pop Sploders that will force the players to decide how to deal with them based on their inventory.

The first person to find the exit or the last person to not die is the winner. You just have to be faster than your friends!

The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year.

One of the goals with Dead Sprint was we wanted to make sure it doesn't require a huge amount of time for a session, without sacrificing fun and depth for all those gamers (parents, students etc.) who simply don't have the time for long board games. The average play session depending on how many players there are ranges from 20-45 minutes.

You just have to be faster than your friends!

"Dead Sprint is a riot! When else can you cheer as you trip up your best friends and make zombies fodder out of them? This game exemplifies the quote 'I don't have to outrun them. I just have to outrun you' and we love it!"


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